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Putting The Power Back in Your Hands

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Swan Innovations is revolutionizing energy management with a cutting-edge trading platform, transforming BESS and V2G technology into powerful tools for sustainability. Our platform not only maximizes efficiency but also turns energy into an asset, enhancing lives and paving the way for a greener future.

You Become the Market

Predictive Analytics and Forecasting

Utilizing cutting-edge predictive analytics, our platform forecasts energy demand and price trends, enabling users to make informed decisions about when to store, consume, or sell energy. This foresight maximizes efficiency and profitability, ensuring you're ahead of the curve in managing your energy resources.

AI Automated Energy Optimization:


Our platform features an advanced algorithm that automatically adjusts energy consumption and production based on real-time market prices and grid demands. This ensures users always use or sell energy at the best possible rates, significantly lowering bills and increasing earnings from energy assets without any manual intervention.

Intelligent Power Reserve Management

Our platform features an intelligent power reserve management system, ensuring you never compromise on your essential power needs. It smartly balances between optimizing energy sales and maintaining sufficient reserves for your business or personal V2G requirements.



Swan Innovations elevates power storage and efficiency with our advanced BESS and automated platform, seamlessly optimizing for peak performance. Our system integrates renewable energy for grid stability, transforming your business's energy into a profitable asset, effortlessly meeting your needs while boosting your bottom line.



Elevate your drive with Swan Innovations’ V2G tech: where your EV isn’t just a car, but a profit-generating energy asset. Our smart platform turns charging into earnings, crafting vehicles into grid-stabilizing powerhouses. Power your world smarter.

Decentralized Energy Assets

Step into the future with Swan Innovations, where green energy meets cutting-edge tech to transform how power flows. Our spotlight on Battery Energy Storage (BESS) and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)  Energy Trading Platform revolutionizes not just energy storage and grid stability, but also turns your energy into something powerful—a tradable asset. With our BESS & V2G services, your battery does more than just power your day; it becomes a key player in the energy market.



We Value Ideas

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