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Swan Car Sharing represents a cutting-edge solution for private transportation needs in light of population growth and the imperative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By pioneering this innovative and sustainable model, Swan Innovations is spearheading Australia's charge towards a greener, more promising future.

The Birth of Swan Innovations

Empowering The Individual To Take Control of Their Energy

Kolin and Declan, visionaries and co-founders, bring their diverse backgrounds and shared passion for electric vehicles to transform the world through an innovative car-sharing model. Kolin, a futurist with expertise in civil, structural engineering, aerospace and finance, possesses an innate talent for perceiving intricate systems and synthesizing networks. His boundless imagination, leadership, and curiosity drive him to create innovative ideas and empower others. Declan, a distinguished electrical engineer and CTO, leads the way in sustainable electric technology and electric vehicles. Guiding a dynamic team of developers at Swan Innovations, they masterfully unite their comprehensive backgrounds and extensive software engineering expertise to pursue a sustainable and empowering future. Based in Sydney, the duo is reshaping the world with innovative green solutions and the electric vehicle industry.

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MBA | B.Sci | B.Eng(Civil/Structural)

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Let's electrify the streets and spark some joy with Australia's biggest peer-to-peer EV Car-Sharing program, connecting eco-conscious individuals to the grid while having a blast in the community!

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